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Barry Craig Thompson

DeSantis Mouth-Breathing

Racist and homophobic Ron DeSantis' campaign flailing and stalling

Ron DeSantis, candidate for the Republican nomination for President of The United States, is a racist, homophobic bully who has built has reputation on anger, resentment of "the woke mob" (basically anyone who isn't a Republican), and straight up homophobia and transphobia.  He's made it his mission in life to prevent honest discussions about American history under the ridiculous excuse that such discussions make some white kids uncomfortable.  Conveniently forgetting that those who fail to learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.  

The "woke mob" in many contexts, when delivered at a campaign event is a white nationalist dog whistle to all the racists in the crowd.  And believe me, at a Republican primary election event the audience is very likely skewed 60%/40% racists and non-racists respectively.  It may even be more like 70% if you include all the people whose unconscious bias is belied by their pathetic anecdotes about "having all kinds of black friends" fucking LOL. 

Thankfully, nobody seems to be buying this ass-clown's pitch.  Listen to him speak for just a few minutes, if you can stomach it.  He sounds like a whiny little twat, most of his speeches are heavily peppered with red-meat talking points that he knows his conservative audience wants to hear but the problem for DeSantis isn't necessarily his obvious lack of charisma, his problem is that he's a fucking asshole.  And for anyone who meets the guy it becomes blatantly obvious within just a few minutes of meeting him that he is, in fact, a gigantic, towering douche-nozzle.

I mean, think about his pitch for a minute.  His pitch is basically he's going to "use all the power of the presidency" to "go after the woke mob" and "protect life" (i.e. ban abortion after 6 weeks) and all the other dumb, proven bad ideas he's got.  But again, his campaign is basically a joke.  Trump is utterly and completely dominating him like a dominatrix dominates her subservient supplicant, well, ok, maybe not like that but you get the idea.  Trump will mop the floor with this fucking clown.

And THAT's an entirely different can of worms.  Because I belive Donald Trump is currently the most dangerous (or potentially the most dangerous) human on the planet.  Just imagine if he were to actually get the nomination (he will be the nominee) and beat Joe Biden (he cannot defeat Joe Biden)?  But let's say just for the sake of discussion, that Trump did beat Biden.  Can you just imagine what Trump would be like in a second (and final) term, knowing he's got no election to try to win in 4 years?  What would he NOT do at that point to stay in power?  

We're at a very dangerous time in American history.  

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