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The case against conservatism

The 40% Problem

The 40 Percent Problem

The Original Sin of the United States of America is slavery. The Civil War did not solve the problem of slavery. Oh, sure, it effectively ended the practice of slavery in the United States and hey, it only took us a little over 100 years longer than most of the rest of the civilized world, but that's how America rolls, ain't it? We do the wrong thing over and over and over again and again and again until it huts so much that we finally, at long last and only begrudgingly do the right thing.
Landslide Ahead

Landslide Ahead

Donald Trump will suffer a humiliating landslide defeat when African Americans flock to the polls in record numbers who, along with women are going to bring Biden to the verge of 400 EC votes. I believe Biden will win the electoral college and the popular vote, where he may beat Trump by 10 million votes.

Amy Coney-Barrett's Stolen Seat

So, this is where we are, folks. We are on the precipice of one of the most earth-moving moments in history. Mitch McConnell may even go down in flames because of it, along with Lindsey Graham who is polling neck and neck with his Democratic challenger, Jaime Harrison in SOUTH Carolina. To what "it" am I referring? Well, obviously I am referring to the theft-engineered by Mitch McConnell- of a Supreme Court Appointment. Read on to learn more.