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Barry Craig Thompson

Trump is a fucking loser

Super-Spreader-In-Chief - Donald Trump planning daily in-person rallies

Donald Trump knows he is going to be a 1-term president. He knows it and he does not like it.  He's embarrassed by it, as he should be because when he loses -and make no mistake, Donald Trump will lose this election- it's going to be the biggest margin of victory since the Reagan/Mondale race of '84.

I'm pretty sure he's known that the race is out of his reach for at least a month now.  He knew it before his diagnosis and I think it's the reason he refuses to release the date of his last negative covid-19 test result.  He won't divulge this information because he knows it will prove that he knowingly went to the 1st Presidential Debate shedding virus particles because he was in very early stages of infection when the virus is replicating fastest and when patients are typically the most infectious.  There is absolutely no way Trump would ever let that information out, he knows it would not only close the door on a second term, but it would also deadbolt it shut. 

"To Donald Trump, you're expendable. You're forgettable. You're virtually nobody," Biden told seniors in Pembroke Pines, trying to capitalize on polling that has shown him with a double digit lead among a crucial demographic that votes in reliably heavy numbers.

"It's become painfully clear as his careless arrogant reckless Covid response has caused one of the worst tragedies in American history, the only senior Donald Trump cares about -- the only senior -- is senior Donald Trump," Biden said.

At the same time political acrimony is also building over a series of apparent attempts by Trump's campaign and Republicans to complicate an early voting process favored by Democrats. An appeals court ruling in Texas on Monday night upheld GOP Gov. Greg Abbott's directive allowing only one ballot drop box location per county. The move leaves Harris County, with a population of 4.7 million, massively underserved. It also means some Texans face long car rides to drop off ballots. California officials meanwhile tried to force Republicans to remove unofficial drop boxes that they say do not benefit from the security and chain of custody required for official drop boxes.

Who does this kind of blatantly dishonest shit?  Republicans, that's who!  Republicans know for a fact that if every eligible voter in the country cast a ballot in any election the Republican party would very quickly disappear because they are in the minority.  The ONLY reason they've been able to stay in power for as long as they have is because of partisan gerrymandering of their congressional and senate districts.  In effect, Republicans found a way to pick their voters, rather than having their voters pick them.

It's widespread cheating is what it is.  But it's too little, too late.  All of you fucking idiots hitched on to the Trump train and now you're stuck with him.  Lock, stock and barrell.  Enjoy your trip to irrelevance, where you belong. 

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