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You Thought Trump Was Bad?

Wait a minute here...So, you hated Trump?  Didn't think he was fit for office mentally, emotionally, temperamentally or ethically?  You believe he was a bad president?  Well, I'm afraid I've got some rather disturbing news. And when I say 'disturbing' I mean it.  

You think you've seen a bad guy (Trump) doing bad things, like appointing 3 right-wingers to the supreme court resulting in the overturning of a fucking 50 year precedent? You ain't seen bad yet. Nope. Not even close.  

Read this and understand it now, because democracy in the USA may be on the ballot in 2024.  Ron DeSantis is everything Trump is.  We know this because of who DeSantis has been targeting for attacks in The People's Republic of Florida over the course of his tenure as governor. Who has DeSantis attacked?

If you're like me and you prefer to go straight to the bottom line on who Ron DeSantis really is, you should start here. <-That's the story of how he got a local prosecutor suspended indefinitely because he took a position on abortion that DeSantis doesn't agree with.  It sounds incredulous, right?  Crazy?  They do shit like this in places like Turkey, not in the United States, yet here we are.  So who is DeSantis attacking?

Anything that even hints at "woke" or "wokism" - when you hear a conservative politician attack the concepts of being "woke" you are hearing straight-up racism. They don't even bother whispering it anymore.  "Woke" is descriptor that began being applied to folks who were noticing more and more that we live in a very uneven society.  People who are "woke" are advocates for social justice, ending racism, ending bigotry in all its forms but especially against the LGBTQ+ community.  

So, we know DeSantis is an arrogant racist homophobe who has absolutely no problem with wielding the powers of his office against his political foes.  The thing that makes Ron DeSantis so dangerous is not his racism and homophobia.  Despite being a despicable person with the personality of a cinder block, Ron DeSantis is very intelligent and far more politically savvy than Trump.  Basically, he's Trump, but with a brain. 

This guy just signed a 6-week abortion ban that has no exceptions for rape or incest.  So Ron DeSantis is telling every parent of teenagers in the state of Florida that if your daughter becomes  pregnant by way of incest she must give birth to that baby. 

That seems like a good place to stop for now.  


I just found the perfect article that describes all the bills that DeSantis has passed this year.  The article is on CNN and you can read it right here.  I will summarize it below:

  • 6-week Abortion Ban
  • No permits required to carry a concealed firearm.
  • Eliminated the requirement of a unanimous jury in the penalty phase of death penalty cases.
  • Made child rapists eligible for the death penalty
  • Signed a sweeping anti-immigrant bill into law
  • Restricted transgender bathroom use to the gender you were "born with"
  • Shielded state employee travel records from oversight
  • De-funded Diversity, Inclusion and Equity programs
  • Blocked Florida investments in anything related to ESG (Enviromental, Social and Governmental) 
  • Voided 50-year-old land agreements because Disney said something he disagrees with
  • And to the surprise of absolutely nobody: Passed a bill to repeal a law that requires a sitting Florida Governor to resign from office in order to run for President.
More to come...

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