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Landslide Ahead

Landslide Ahead

Landslide Ahead

Donald Trump will suffer a humiliating landslide defeat when African Americans flock to the polls in record numbers.  African Americans, women and senior citizens are going to bring Biden to the verge of 400 Electoral College votes.  I believe Biden will win the Electoral College and the popular vote, where he may beat Trump by 10 million votes.  That's right, I think the polls that are calling it a tight race in the battleground states are wrong.  It's not very tight at all, except in the places where Biden is expanding the map, like Texas an Georgia.  No Democrat has won Georgia since 1992 and Texas, well, the fact that this race is even close in Texas should be all the evidence you need to understand what is about to happen.  Joe Biden has a very legitimate shot at winning Texas.
Trump is weak and feckless.  His closing argument is a combination of delusional fantasy ("We're rounding the corner on the virus!"), full-throated racism ("I stopped them from building housing projects in your suburban neighborhoods!") and a waterfall of lies, distortions, misrepresentations and claiming credit for policies never enacted ("Mexico is paying for that wall, believe me!") or ("Next week is infrastructure week!").
How many more times can you fucking idiots who still want to vote for this piece of shit be fooled?  You're Charlie Brown and Trump is Lucy with the football and she's fucking broadcasting the fact that she's going to pull that football at the last moment so you slip and crack your head on the ground, but you're still strapping on your football cleats and getting ready to run down that field again, even though you know for a fact that you'll never get your foot anywhere near that ball.  Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?  If you're rich, I guess I can kind of understand holding your nose and voting for a credibly accused rapist and openly, flagrantly racist public servant.  You have no soul and you're basically a piece of shit just like he is, but hey, that's your prerogative.  Money talks or something.  
But if you're just an average or even an above average earner, say, maybe your household income is in the $150k to $200k range...well, congratulations, you've been paying about 12% to 15% higher taxes since you voted this asshole in 4 years ago.  Maybe you forgot, but my guess is you just ignored the fact that this president gutted the mortgage interest deduction to pay for his tax cuts for the owner of the company you work at.  Oh, but you got some judges so it's all good, eh?  
Anyway, when you combine these things with Trump's mockery of the Black Lives Matter movement, the only appropriate thing left to say is:
Thank you for creating the conditions that made this very, very necessary landslide election possible.   Oh and don't let the door hit your racist-supporting ass on the way out.  You won't be missed.  Maybe you should run off now and pull the wings off a fly or something.

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