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Debate: A Shit Show inside a Dumpster Fire on the Titanic

The "debate" between Democratic challenger and former Vice President Joe Biden and incumbent Donald J. Trump was an absolute fucking disaster. The reason I put the word "debate" in quotes is because the spectacle we witnessed was as much a debate as I am an antelope.  And the last time I checked, there were not any antlers growing out of my skull.  If Trump's goal was to stir up controversy and damage his own campaign, well, then he did a bang-up job of it!  

According to an October 3, 2020 story in the New York Times by Nate Cohn, a post-debate poll found that senior citizens are abandoning Trump in droves and it's driving his numbers in two battleground states that he must win down.  The poll found Joe Biden has opened up a 5-point lead in Florida and a 7-point lead in Pennsylvania. Trump literally has no path to victory without carrying at least one of these two key states.  Florida and Pennsylvania.  

Trump's boorish, bullying, obnoxious, caustic and arrogant disregard for the rules of debate, which he agreed to, have clearly turned off a wide swath of voters who seem to finally be coming to their senses after 4 long, miserable years with a fucking toddler running the country.


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